Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.0

Configuring Mobile Device Policy

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Intellicus mobile applications can be managed on Intellicus web server. This is the server that you connect your mobile application to. Admin users or users with specific privileges of demo server can manage the devices that send connection request. They can provide role-based access of different entities (reports, datasets, dashboards etc.) in mobile application, set some security measures and limit scope of usage. The mobile applications are identified by the Unique Device id on the Intellicus web server.


Intellicus web server allows users to create Mobile Device Policy under Properties. The policy helps to set authentication guidelines and what actions are supposed to happen to the data in mobile devices, in case a user is

  • Suspended
  • Deleted
  • User’s access is revoked on this server

The policy can then be assigned to different devices based on what guidelines need to be followed for different users.

To create a mobile device policy –

  • Open the Intellicus Web portal with the respective server credentials
  • Go to Navigate – Administration – Configure – Mobile Device Policy

Figure 1: Mobile Device Policy Page on Intellicus Web Portal

In this page you can Add a new policy, Modify an existing policy or Delete a policy.

To add a new policy, click on Add.

Figure 2: Mobile Device Policy Page upon clicking Add

The fields under Properties now become active. You need to give a name to this policy in the Policy Name box.


Mandate Passcode – If you want the devices under this policy to always provide a passcode to be able to access the content in the Intellicus mobile application, you can set this to Yes.

Server Authentication –

  • If you want the server to authenticate devices every time a connection request is sent, you can set this to Always
  • If you want the server authentication to be done for a period, you can set this to Valid for and specify the number of days. Any connection request sent through devices for the specified number of days under this policy will first need to authenticate on the server.
  • If you want to allow a free pass, set this to Never.
Actions on User Update

When a mobile device user status is updated, that is

  • The user is suspended
  • User’s access is revoked
  • The user is deleted from the server

you can specify what actions need to be taken on the local mobile data. You can set the values to Delete, Hide or No Action as per your preference. In case a user is deleted, you can either set the action to Delete or to No Action.

Once you input values in the above fields, you can Save the policy or Cancel it.