Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 18.1

Deployment Scenarios

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You can deploy Intellicus in a way that best meets your organizational needs. The installation and configuration choices that produce the best performance depend on your reporting requirements, resources and preferences. Intellicus can be deployed in the following ways:

  • Single machine or Distributed
  • Standalone or Integrated

Intellicus on single or multiple machine(s)

You can install all the components of Intellicus Web-based reporting suite on a single machine.

Deploying Intellicus

However, it is also possible to install any of the following components on separate machines:

  • Intellicus Report Server
  • Intellicus Web Client (web component)
  • Database Server

Intellicus as stand-alone or integrated with other applications

You can install Intellicus as a stand-alone reporting application or as a bundled setup within another application.

Intellicus provides seamless integration with other applications.  Your application can use the Intellicus portal (installed on the same web server or a separate server) for reporting related activities or can use its native UI and make a call to Intellicus for reporting related activities.

This way, Intellicus becomes completely transparent to the end user.

To deploy Intellicus web component, a host application can:

  • Use its own web server or
  • Use the Intellicus’ default web server.

Intellicus report server

Intellicus Report Server can be installed on one machine and Intellicus Web Client (portal) can be installed on another machine where your web application is running.