Enhancements in Intellicus 19.2

Sorting Dimension Values of Cube

0 views October 13, 2020 0

Currently in High Speed View, members of a level/ hierarchy in a dimension are listed in ascending order. To view the most recent data first for time series dimension, you need to scroll to bottom (for rows) or right (for columns).

This enhancement allows you to specify a sort order at hierarchy level that can be used to view data as per the desired sort order. The default sorting behaviour can be configured using OLAP_DIMENSION_SORTING_DEFAULT=ASC|DESC (Default=ASC) property in Intellicus\Jakarta\webapps\intellicus\client\comfit\Report Client Default
“All” level is excluded from this sorting, and would always be displayed first. At a time, either measure-based or dimension-based sorting can be applied in Intellicus.
You need not specify the sort order for each report, this property works for all High Speed reports globally as per the property value under Intellicus’ Report Client.