Enhancements in Intellicus 19.2

Custom aggregation (formula based) in cross tab totals of Ad hoc report

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With previous versions of Intellicus, the summary function applied on the summary fields used in the matrix control of ad hoc reports was purely mathematical. The group level aggregation of the summary field for the respective summary function depends on the values of the same field.

Intellicus 19.2 provides a mechanism for selecting a custom/user defined summary function for fields whose value (defined by an expression) is dependent on the values of other summary fields used.
In the below example, the value of ‘Sales Percentage’ field is calculated using a user-defined function as: (SUM(Sales Achieved) / SUM(Target Sales) * 100)


The custom aggregated value of ‘Sales Percentage’ in the report is calculated based on the mathematical expression specified. This can also be seen in exported/ published outputs.