Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.0


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Filters tab
Figure 15: Filters tab

Show Filters

Select this checkbox (on tab header) to make this tab visible on Ad hoc Report Wizard/ Smart View.

Initial Number of Filters

Specify the number of filters that should be displayed when Ad hoc Report Wizard/ Smart View is opened.

Show Max Rows Option

If selected (checked), Ad hoc Report Wizard/ Smart View will show option using which you can select the maximum number of rows you want to have on the report.

Show Run-Time Prompt Checkbox

If selected (checked), run-time prompt check boxes are visible.  You will be prompted at run time for the value.  When you select this check box, make sure you have selected Show User Parameters checkbox too.

Show Option to Set Advanced Filters

Ad hoc filter section shows related multiple conditions using AND/OR operator, if this is checked.

Show User Parameters

If selected (checked), User Parameters drop down box are visible on Ad hoc Report Wizard/ Smart View.  When the filter depends on this parameter, Intellicus will try to run the report with default value set for the parameter.  If Prompt checkbox is available, Intellicus will prompt to present the dialog box to provide run time parameter.

Show Suppress Duplicates Checkbox

If selected (checked), Suppress Duplicates checkbox is visible on Ad hoc Report Wizard/ Smart View.  This way, user can choose to get all the records satisfying filter criteria or only one record out of the records satisfying filter criteria.