Enhancements in Intellicus 19.2

Automatic script generation

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Intellicus 19.2 provides a mechanism through which you can perform Machine Learning operations without having to write scripts manually and the system automatically generates the required Machine Learning script based on input/selection provided through UI. The mechanism of automatic machine-learning script generation is provided at both query object and at smart report level.

  • Designer can choose the target (predictable) variable for a report/query object.
  • Designer can choose the predictor variables and their aggregation function (in case of reports) through a UI control
  • Designer can specify whether data cleansing should be applied on the training and/or prediction data.
  • Designer can choose the algorithm he wants the model to be created with.
  • After the designer has designed script using Auto option, he can view and edit the system-generated script.

Below are the screens where you can specify learning algorithm, predictor variables etc. under Query Object > Data Science Step > Design and Smart View > Prediction > Design respectively.