Enhancements in Intellicus 19.2

Prompt Deployment Actions while cab deployment

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In current version of Intellicus, administrator can specify some conditional deployment actions like add, replace, delete or skip item (already in target repository) while creating a CAB file which executes without manual intervention at the time of CAB deployment.

This enhancement facilitates to take appropriate action at the time of CAB deployment for pre-exist item(s) in repository.

On prompt window, the following actions can be taken:

  1. If an object is already present in repository, then you can skip, delete or replace the existing object.
  2. If an object is not present in repository, then you can skip or add that object in the repository.

Prompt check box control on the Properties window upon right click of object is seen on iPackager screen as below:

On uploading the CAB file (Deploy Repository Bundle screen), objects with ‘Prompt’ option selected appear as below:


You can choose a Deployment Action to be performed on clicking the Deploy button.