Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 18.1

Configuring DEFA

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This section of the document discusses properties related to configuration of DEFA to be able to connect and forward data to Report Server.

You can find the configuration files under …\IntellicusDEFA\DEFA\config folder.

Configuring DEFA Properties

DEFA’s configuration is achieved by setting properties associated with it.


This is the unique identifier of the DEFA Agent.

Syntax: DEFA_NAME = [] (String)

Default: Intellicus

Example: DEFA_NAME=Intellicus


Server URL

In case the Report Server uses a Web Server, this is the URL of Web Server to which DEFA will connect and forward data.

Syntax: SERVER_URL = [] (String)

Default: blank

Example: SERVER_URL=


Server IP

This is the IP address of Report Server to which DEFA will connect and forward data.

Syntax: SERVER_IP = [] (String)


Example: SERVER_IP=

In case both Server URL and Server IP are provided, it takes address from Server URL by default.


Server Port

IP Port of Report Server to which DEFA will connect and forward data. Valid value for the port is any integer greater than zero.

Syntax: SERVER_PORT = [45450] (int)

Default: 45450

Example: SERVER_PORT=45450


Server Time Out

This is the time in seconds after which the DEFA connection will be closed, if not used for that many seconds.  Valid value for this timeout is any integer greater than zero.

Syntax: SERVER_TIME_OUT = [45450] (int)

Default: 60



Listener Port

The port at which the DEFA server is listening. Should be unused by any other program on this machine. This port is used for shutdown request.

Syntax: LISTENER_PORT = [1024] (int)

Default: 45460

Example: LISTENER_PORT=45460


Log Files

The log file directory to keep the log files. The log filename is DEFAAgent.log.

Syntax: LOGS = [path] (String)

Default: ../logs

Example: LOGS=../logs


Log Level

The debug level for logging indicates the level of criticality to be considered for logging.


Default: ERROR



Retry Enabled Flag

This flag (when true) facilitates a retry action in case data extraction or forwarding has failed. This failure can be due to scenarios like DEFA is unable to connect to database for data extraction, unable to connect to Report Server or unable to read/write file.

Syntax: RETRY_ENABLED = [TRUE, FALSE] (String)

Default: TRUE)



Retry Count

This is the number of times retry should be performed once data extraction or forwarding has failed. In the following example, after Retry Count has reached value 3, DEFA would pick the next schedule.

Syntax: RETRY_COUNT = [3] (int)

Default: 3

Example: RETRY_COUNT=3


Retry Frequency

The Retry action should be performed after this frequency specified in seconds.

Syntax: RETRY_FREQUENCY = [>0] (int)

Default: 60