Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 18.1

Launching Intellicus Desktop Studio

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  1. Click Start > Program Files > Intellicus > Studio to launch Intellicus Desktop Studio. The Login screen appears.

    Login screen
    Figure 1: Login screen

  2. Provide the following information:
    • Login Name: Specify the login name.
    • Password: Specify the password associated with the login name that you have specified.

    Note: The login name and password are provided by system administrators.

  3. Expand the Options by clicking on Add icon icon.
  4. Provide the following information:
    • Organization: Select the name of the organization from the drop-down list under which the login Name allotted to you is created.
    • Locale: Select the Locale to identify a specific language and geographic region from the drop-down list.

    Note: Locales affect portal language, sorting, date/time formats, number and currency formats.

    • Time Zone: Select the time zone from the drop-down list.

    Note: The value of time zone will affect date and time value outputs during preview of report output.

  5. Click OK to proceed. Upon successful login, Intellicus Desktop Studio is launched and Welcome to Intellicus Desktop Studio screen appears. Else, the Report Client Configuration screen appears.
  6. Important: Report Server must be up and running and the connection must be established. Intellicus Desktop Studio communicates with Intellicus report server on a specific IP and port number. If it does not find the server running at that IP or Port, instead of launching Intellicus Desktop Studio, the Report Client Configuration dialog box appears as below:

    Report Client Configuration
    Figure 2: Report Client Configuration

  7. Provide the following information:
    • Web Portal: Select the radio button if you want to connect to the web portal.
    • URL: Provide the URL of the web portal to which you want to connect to.

    Note: In case your report server is not up and running, you can connect to any available web portal.

    • Report Server: Select the radio button if you want to test or connect to the report server.
    • IP: Provide the IP.
    • Port: Provide the port number at which server is listening.
    • Click Test to check if Intellicus Desktop Studio can communicate with the Report Server. If the server is running and connection is established, the message, Test connection successful! appears.

    Successful test
    Figure 3: Successful test

  8. Click OK to launch Intellicus Desktop Studio. The Intellicus Desktop Studio screen appears.
  9. If the Report Server is up and running upon logging in, the Intellicus Desktop Studio screen opens a pre-existing report. Else, you must create a new report.

    Intellicus Desktop Studio screen
    Figure 4: Intellicus Desktop Studio screen

    Like any other Desktop application, Intellicus Desktop Studio Window has menus, toolbars, status bar and the area where other panes open.

    canvas area

    The canvas area of Intellicus Desktop Studio consists of the following panes:

    1. Explorer Pane on which can you select the fields.
    2. Fields List Pane which can be placed on a report. This list contains fields (coming from database tables, or xml file), user parameters selected for the report, Formulas as well as system parameters.
    3. Properties Pane which displays a list of properties and the values of properties related to the control selected from canvas.
    4. Report Design Pane which displays only those properties that are applicable for the selected control. Description of the selected property is available at the bottom of the list. The list can be arranged by the order (ascending order or descending order of property name) or arranged in groups.
    5. Layout Pane on which the canvas is located. Report controls are placed on canvas.