Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 18.1

Restore 4.x configurations

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After installing Intellicus 7.x, take these steps to re-apply old Intellicus custom configurations.

Note: Please stop Intellicus Report Server or Intellicus Portal before restoring the configuration.

Restoration points and Restore types

Configuration/File Type of restoring
Encr_reportengine.dat Restore old file
RPG folder Restore old folder
Data folder Restore     old      folder     (See warnings below)
Mails Restore old folder
Template files Merge   custom   changes   into newly installed templates

(See warnings below)

Resource bundler files Merge   custom   changes   into newly installed bundler files

(See warnings below) Merge   custom   changes   into newly installed report engine properties file
CategoryPropertiesInfo.xml Ensure    Newly    installed    file prevails
QOPropertiesInfo.xml Ensure    Newly    installed    file prevails
ReportPropertiesInfo.xml Ensure    Newly    installed    file prevails
exin_validations.xls Merge   custom   changes   into newly installed validations file
FormatMapping.xls Merge   custom   changes   into newly installed format mapping
databasemapping.xls Merge   custom   changes   into newly       installed       database
mapping file Merge   custom   changes   into newly installed report client properties file

Replace the contents of “data” folder

Place the backed up contents of “data” folder at path:


<installation folder>\Intellicus\ReportEngine\

Linux / Solaris

<installation folder>/Intellicus/reportengine/

Note: Replace the “data” folder only if one of the data connection points to HSQLDB database.

Warning: The new default repository is based on H2 database as compare to older which was designed on HSQLDB Database. New repository folder structure is also different as compare to older one. For using old repository, user needs to add old ReportEngine.dat file. Old ReportEngine.dat file will not work on new repository unless it has connections for accessing new repository.

Replace the modified template files

Templates files are available at path (on server):


<installation folder>\Intellicus\ReportEngine\templates\adhoc

Linux / Solaris

<installation folder>/Intellicus/reportengine/templates/adhoc

Note: You need to replace these files only if these files were modified to change adhoc template.

Restoring resource bundles

Restore the resource bundles folder at following location:


This folder is placed at path:

<installation folder>\Intellicus\ReportEngine\

Linux / Solaris

This folder is placed at path:

<installation folder>/Intellicus/reportengine/config/

Restoring en_US.xls

If you have modified “en_US.xls‟ language bundler file then you need to merge those changes in latest language bundler file present at path:


<installation folder>\Intellicus\Jakarta\webapps\intellicus\client\lang

Linux / Solaris

<installation folder>/Intellicus/jakarta/webapps/intellicus/client/lang

Note: Restore all other bundler files present at the above location in case you have created custom bundler files.