Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 18.1

Viewing High Speed Reports

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As an End User, you can view the already designed high speed report layouts in the View Mode. You can go to Navigate > High Speed View and click the Open button open button to open an existing high speed report. Alternately, go to Explorer and either double-click or right click the report > choose the View Report option. You can toggle between Edit and View modes by clicking switch button icon.

You can perform the below operations on a view by clicking the menu icon ellipses icon on the upper right corner of the view:

  • Maximize/Restore: To maximize a selected view to spread across the entire analysis area. You can also restore it back to original size. Alternately, you can double-click the view header to maximize or restore the size.
  • Set Selection as Filter: To set the selected data in a view as filtering criteria under Filters (as discussed on page 15 under the section “Filtering Data on High Speed View”).
  • Drill Up Level: To drill up through hierarchies of a dimension (as discussed on pages 20 and 26).
  • Drill Down Level: To drill down through hierarchies of a dimension (as discussed on pages 19 and 25).
  • Clear Selection: To clear the selected data on the analysis area.

High Speed View in View Mode
Figure 33: High Speed View in View Mode

You can apply as well as change the filtering criteria on your data while in View Mode for analysis. However, you cannot save these changes.

The operations like Expand/ Collapse can also be performed on crosstab and charts (as discussed on pages 18 and 23,24 respectively).