Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 18.1


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Intellicus v4.x and v7.x releases introduced major functional changes in the product.  But  Intellicus  ensures  that  all  reports  and  query  objects  you  have designed  in  your  earlier  versions  are  fully  supported.  Unless specifically mentioned all reports behave the same or better, in case enhanced. There are no report controls or properties that are deprecated.

There are major changes in certain other features. Some of those changes are handled gracefully during the upgrade process.

This document lists all those cases where Intellicus automatically upgrades your previous version objects and also deprecated features, if any.

Please read this document carefully before upgrading your production server with version 4.x or below to 7.x or higher.

The upgrade process consists of 3 steps

  1. Un-install previous version of Intellicus
  2. Install new version of Intellicus
  3. Start new version of Intellicus

Note that you must take full backup of Intellicus installation folder and of the Intellicus   repository   database   before   starting   step 1.   Intellicus   repository database stores all the reports, query objects and other user preference information.
Uninstall  process  retains  few  files,  and  does not  delete  them  unless  specifically mentioned in respective install document.

Ensure that newly installed Intellicus points to the same old repository database as its repository. During its first boot up, the new version of Intellicus report server automatically upgrades the repository schema and also upgrades all the objects to makes them compatible with new Intellicus. This is a non-reversible action. In case you decide to go back to previous version you must use the backed up repository database.

As an alternate process, you can use Intellicus CAB file deployment mechanism. The steps go as:

  1. Install new version of Intellicus on a new machine
  2. Create cab file of all the objects from old Intellicus using iPackager
  3. Deploy the objects on new Intellicus using CAB deployer

This process may not bring some objects to new system.

They are:

  1. Saved reports
  2. Logs
  3. Audit data