Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 18.1


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There is a global need for an intuitive web-based interactive interface to visualize and analyze large amounts of data. Intellicus helps organizations make better informed decisions with the help of our easy-to-use, self-serve reports and dashboards.

Intellicus’ highly informative reports enable user interactivity and provide thrilling end user experience. Our intuitive, drag-and-drop UI enables you to customize reports according to your business needs and derive meaningful insights.

Intellicus is OWASP compliant and it follows industry standard testing methodology for the security of Web applications. It protects user’s data from web based security vulnerabilities such as Cross-site scripting (XSS), SQL Injection etc. Intellicus is 3 Green star rated Web application by MicroFocus FOD (Fortify on Demand) security testing tool.

What does Intellicus 18 Offer?

Intellicus BI (Report) Server is a highly scalable server that is capable of handling simultaneous reporting requests 24×7 without performance issues and delivering rich formatted reports in any of the offered formats. BI server has built-in reporting engine, OLAP engine, scheduling and delivery engine and data extraction and transformation engines. A very simple SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) that provides a high value to the complete organization’s multifaceted BI needs.

Intellicus Web Portal provides web-based secure access to all Intellicus functionalities from end user reporting to data administration and monitoring. Navigation panel and Objects Explorer provide users quicker access to functionalities.

Dashboards collate multiple key performance indicators, drillable to detailed, richly designed graphical reports. Each end user gets a personalized and customizable view of dashboard, according to the business needs. With Intellicus’ customized Dashboard Theme feature, you can apply a custom color theme to your reports on dashboard.

Intellicus Studio helps to design richly formatted graphical reports with pixel perfect alignment of data represented as charts, tables and matrices. Features like drill down, conditional formatting and alerting will improve your report viewing experience.

Ad hoc Reporting empowers you to tweak the ad hoc reports according to emergent needs allowing decision makers to access required business facts in an agile fashion. With Intellicus 18, you can let the creativity flow when telling the story of your data unlike ever before. Now, you can display comprehensive maps, entire shop floors, images of trucks or animals, and virtually any relatable SVG image to the business. You can also use your own customized SVG images to be rendered as a chart type.

Smart View is a self-service tool to design smart reports with drag and drop actions for performing on-the-fly operations. It allows you to choose visualizations according to relationships between different data elements and helps you uncover new patterns and insights. These include GIS maps, tree maps, heat maps, packed bubbles, funnel, counter, gauge, donut, scatter plot and other advanced visualizations.

The new infographic custom visual for Intellicus charts gives the flexibility to build both simple pictograms and complex highly tailored visuals.

OLAP engine provides a multidimensional data storage and pre-aggregation solution. Huge volumes of transactional data can be summarized on multiple dimensions at multiple levels.

High Speed View allows to build multi-dimensional cubes of data from multiple data sources. You can slice and dice the dimensions, drill through multiple levels and analyze your data for deeper business insights. With one click, Intellicus lets you burst open your cube in all possible dimensions, and lets you slice and dice all views at the same time.

Heterogeneous Data Sourcing of Intellicus lets you connect to multiple databases of your organization to correlate their data and prepare common cubes and reports from them.

Scheduler allows users to create recurring jobs to generate reports and deliver by email, print or publishing on FTP locations.

Mobile Analytics Server and iOS /Android application provide the Reporting and Dashboard functionalities on popular mobile devices to decision makers for on-the-move access of required information in the required format.

Data Science enabled Intellicus BI helps you to bring out predictions based on their historical data. This empowers you to take well-informed decisions for your business. With what-if analysis in Intellicus, you can also analyze the predictions based on different conditions. Intellicus lets you connect to different data science engines to process your data. It returns the predicted data on which you can perform further transformation steps and visualize it on the Intellicus UI. Intellicus gives you numerous intuitive charts to understand and analyze your current and predicted data.

Cloud Solution provides a complete business intelligence solution that enables you to get deeper insights from your data, whenever you want. We have partnered with AWS and Azure platforms to offer a hassle-free BI solution that can easily fit into your cloud strategy. Whether you’re keeping your data on premise or on the cloud, Intellicus on cloud gives you the flexibility to connect it in a few clicks and build reports and dashboards instantly.

Supported Platforms

A platform can be defined as computer architecture, an operating system, or combination of both. Intellicus can be installed on most of the popular platforms.

The list of such platforms is given below:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Solaris (on Sun or Intel)
  • HP UX
  • AIX
  • MAC
  • iOS
  • Android

Supported Web Servers

A Web Server is a server application that is responsible for serving web browsers with HTML content – pages or applications.

Intellicus portal can be deployed on industry-standard web servers, namely:

  • IBM-Websphere
  • Jakarta Tomcat
  • Microsoft-IIS
  • Oracle Application Server
  • Oracle-Glassfish
  • Oracle-Weblogic
  • Resin
  • JBoss

Supported Databases

Intellicus supports most of the widely used databases as listed below:

  • Oracle
  • MS SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Sybase
  • CacheDB
  • ODBC
  • DB2
  • Hadoop Cluster
  • Hive
  • HP Vertica
  • H2
  • Greenplum
  • AsterData
  • Teradata
  • Amazon EC2
  • Amazon Redshift
  • Cassandra
  • MongoDB
  • Impala
  • SQLite
  • Elastic Search
  • Custom JDBC
  • Spark SQL
  • Files/Stream
  • Web Service
  • REST Web Service
  • Google Sheet
  • Social Media (Twitter)
  • Data Science Engine (Rserve)

Intellicus License Editions

Intellicus is scalable to cater to the needs of varied spectra of customers in terms of features and load requirements. It has the following editions:

  • Basic Edition
  • Standard Plus Edition
  • Professional Edition
  • Enterprise Edition

The following table lists down features of the various Intellicus’ editions:

Feature Basic Standard Plus Professional Enterprise
Web Studio Yes Yes Yes Yes
Desktop Studio Yes Yes Yes Yes
Standard Report Run Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ad hoc Reporting
Ad hoc Report Run Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ad hoc Report Wizard Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ad hoc Visualizer No Yes Yes Yes
Power Viewer No No Yes Yes
MetaLayer-QO Creator Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dashboards No Single Personal Multi-Personal Corporate
OLAP No No Add-on Yes
Management & Delivery
Alerts & Notifications No No Yes Yes
Quick Schedules No Yes Yes Yes
Batch Schedules No No Yes Yes
Report Commenting No No Yes Yes
Approval Workflow No No Yes Yes
Output Formats
XLSX/DOCX No Yes Yes Yes
TXT No Yes Yes Yes
RAW TXT No No No Yes
IHTML No No Yes Yes
Output Mode
Email No Yes Yes Yes
FTP No No Yes Yes
Print & Publish Yes Yes Yes Yes
Performance & Security
Performance Control
Health Monitor to check system status No No Yes Yes
Run in background No Yes Yes Yes
Advanced Properties (Max rows limit, Restrict to formats by Admin) No Yes Yes Yes
Load Balancer No No No Add-on
Column Masking No No Yes Yes
Authorization & Authentication Yes Yes Yes Yes
Log Events No No Yes Yes
Role based

Granular Access

No Yes Yes Yes
Platform & Capacity
Number of named users 5 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Concurrent requests 2 2 As per License As per License
CPU Support Single Multi Multi Multi
Multi-tenant Support No No No Yes
Operating System Windows, Linux Windows, Linux Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX, HPUX Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX, HPUX
Architecture 64 bit 64 bit 64 bit 64 bit

Supported Web Servers

  • Basic: IBM-Websphere, Jakarta Tomcat, Microsoft-IIS, Oracle Application Server, Oracle-Glassfish, Oracle-Weblogic.
  • Standard: IBM-Websphere, Jakarta Tomcat, Microsoft-IIS, Oracle Application Server, Oracle-Glassfish, Oracle-Weblogic.
  • Standard Plus: IBM-Websphere, Jakarta Tomcat, Microsoft-IIS, Oracle Application Server, Oracle-Glassfish, Oracle-Weblogic.
  • Professional: IBM-Websphere, Jakarta Tomcat, Microsoft-IIS, Oracle Application Server, Oracle-Glassfish, Oracle-Weblogic.
  • Enterprise: IBM-Websphere, Jakarta Tomcat, Microsoft-IIS, Oracle Application Server, Oracle-Glassfish, Oracle-Weblogic.


  • Basic: Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgresSQL.
  • Standard: Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgresSQL, Sybase, CacheDB, ODBC.
  • Standard Plus: Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgresSQL, Sybase, CacheDB, ODBC.
  • Professional: Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgresSQL, Sybase, CacheDB, ODBC.
  • Enterprise: Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgresSQL, Sybase, CacheDB, ODBC, Hadoop, HDFS, HBase, Cassandra, Greenplum, AsterData, Teradata.