Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 18.1

Building the Cab file

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When you issue a command to build the cab file, all the information that you stored in the open configuration file is picked up from the respective locations.

If any of the information saved in configuration file is not available at the right source while building the cab, then respective error message will be given and the cab building process will be stopped.

Build properties
Figure 4: Building the Cab file

To build the cab,

  1. Click “Build Cab”. The Build Properties screen appears.
  2. Specify build properties like Name of the cab, along with its Author, Company, Version and any additional information under Comment.
    The configuration file gets saved with the same name as the Cab file if not saved earlier.
    If the configuration file already exists on the Web Server with the same name, the user is prompted with a message to overwrite or not.
  1. Click the “Build and Download”
  2. The cab building process starts.
  3. The cab file gets saved under the browser’s default download folder location.

Error Cases

A cab is built only when all the objects added in an open configuration file are available on the Report Server at the time of building the cab.

When the configuration file is opened, iPackager validates the information stored in the configuration file with respective server.  If any of the information stored in configuration file is not found on server, the entry (including parent entries) is highlighted in red.  In addition to this, if any of the following conditions exist, red highlight would appear.

  • Source report for a linked report is not found.
  • Task for a job is not found.
  • Report for a task is not found.
  • Any object added but not found in the server at the time of opening a configuration file or building the cab file.
  • Invalid characters used in object names.

Valid and Invalid characters for filenames

Valid characters for filename: 0-9, a-z, A-Z, “-“, “_”, “@”, “.”

All of the above can be one word or multiple words.

Configuration file having invalid filename is prompted with a warning message stating that the file cannot be saved.