Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 18.1

Applying Intellicus License

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Intellicus Setup generally ships with a demo license of professional edition. You can view the Report Server licensing details or choose to deploy a new license.

All the tasks related to licensing can be done on License tab of Configuration page. You need to have administrator privileges to be able to view the License tab in Intellicus.

Click Navigate > Administration > Configure > License to open License tab.
The Report Server Licensing area lists current licensing details.
Report Server Configuration page
Figure 1: License tab of Report Server Configuration page

Generating License request file

To get a license, you need to mail this License request file to your vendor for processing.  Click the Generate button to get this License request file.

The vendor will then send you a License file.  The License file needs to be deployed to make it effective.

Generating License
Figure 2: Generating License Request file and Deploying License

Deploying a License

As stated above, once you receive the License file from your vendor, you need to deploy the license.  This process is carried out on License tab of Report Server Configuration page.

To deploy a license,

In Select new license file entry box, you need to specify the path along with name of the new license file that you have received from your vendor.  To locate and select the license file, click the Browse button.

Click Deploy license button to deploy the newly received license.

A message “Information saved successfully” shall be displayed.

Apart from above, you can also manually deploy license by copying the same at the following location:

<Installed Location>\Intellicus\ReportEngine\bin

After deploying the license, it is suggested to restart the Report Server and Web Server for the new license to come into effect (mandatory in case of manually deployed license).

Note: The name of the license file should be ‘ReportEngine.lic’ at the time of deploying license.