Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 18.1

Uninstalling Intellicus

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Click Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features to uninstall Intellicus.

Uninstalling Intellicus
Figure 21: Uninstalling Intellicus Web-based Reporting Suite

Select Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and click the ‘Change/Remove’ button (appears on the right side of the screen). The dialog box Welcome appears, as shown in the figure below. Select Remove and click Next. The Confirm Uninstall screen appears. Click OK to start uninstall process.

Modify, Repair, or Remove Program
Figure 22: Modify, Repair, or Remove Program

Note: You can also start uninstall process by clicking Start > Programs > Intellicus > Uninstall.

Note: You can modify, remove or re-install Intellicus.

confirm uninstall
Figure 23: Uninstall Confirmation