Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 18.1


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The User Assistance Documents are organized in terms of their usability. Intellicus provides a blend of PDF documents, Web-based help and On-line help files. The objective is to make necessary information available where a user may need it.

Printable Manuals in PDF Format

Intellicus manuals are created based on functionalities. For example, to know how to run a report in Intellicus, you may refer RunningReportsInIntellicus.pdf. Similarly, to understand how to create, modify or delete database connections, you may refer WorkingWithDatabaseConnections.pdf.

These manuals can be accessed from an html page that opens on clicking the Manuals shortcut under Intellicus installed location. This page contains list of documents and information about the contents that you can expect in each document. You may also or go to Intellicus installation folder > Docs > Manuals to see the documents.

Online Help Content

Desktop Studio

A context-sensitive online help containing text and images explains the functionality of each dialog and screen. You need to press the Help (F1) key on any given screen to launch this help. Depending upon the context, the right topic will be displayed.

Web Portal

Every screen on portal has a help help icon icon. You need to click this icon to access help for that screen, a help page will pop up with explanation of the screen functionality.