Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 18.1

System Files

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Intellicus license is placed at

<installation folder>\Intellicus\ReportEngine\bin\

When you upgrade to new major you will need to upgrade your license too. You may need to send your old license to your Intellicus sales rep to request a new upgraded license file.

Connection Configurations
Intellicus connection configurations file encr_reportengine.dat is placed at

<installation folder>\Intellicus\ReportEngine\Config\

Do not over write this file during installation or restore from your backup. Using the old file report server will connect to all the databases that were configured earlier.

In case this file reportengine.dat file (apart from encr_reportengine.dat) exists in  the  same  folder  you  must  delete  and  destroy  reportengine.dat  for  data security purposes.

Other Folders and Files
The following folders and files should be backed up for any case of recovery. Each folder location and purpose of the files is mentioned below. There are no changes in these folders unless specified.

Purpose: Retains all saved report snapshots.

Path: <installation folder>\Intellicus\ReportEngine\rpg

Purpose: Retains H2 database content. In case repository is set to HSQLDB or H2, then this folder contains all your repository content including reports and query object definitions.

Path: <installation folder>\Intellicus\ReportEngine\data

Purpose: Stores mailer templates

Path: <installation folder>\Intellicus\ReportEngine\mails

Purpose: Stores Ad hoc template files

Path: <installation folder>\Intellicus\ReportEngine\templates\adhoc

Purpose: Stores Report Server Boot Up Configurations

Path: <installationfolder>\Intellicus\ReportEngine\config\

Method: Take a backup of previous version Installing new Intellicus allows it to overwrite this file.

Merge the property values of which you have made any changes specifically in your installation.

Path: <installation folder>\Intellicus\Jakarta\webapps\intellicus\client\lang

File: You may need to merge your customized en_US.xls entries into the newly installed file.

Purpose: Configuring behaviour of respective areas

Extended Input Validation configuration
Path: <installation folder>\Intellicus\ReportEngine\config

Backup these files, if exists, in case you have customized this file

File: exin_validations.xls

Path: <installation folder>\Intellicus\ReportEngine\config

Backup these files, if exists, in case you have customized this file

File: formatmapping.xls

Database mapping
Path: <installation folder>\Intellicus\ReportEngine\config