Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 18.1


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Prerequisites for Installing Intellicus Report Server Cluster

Following information needs to be kept handy before beginning Installation of Intellicus Report Server Cluster:

  • Shared File System – that can be mounted on all the report server node machines.
  • High speed network access from machines with high IOPS

Machines identified for installing Intellicus report server node (Two or more)

  • 10-20GB RAM available for report server process
  • IP address, Server port number, resources (RAM, CPUs) for setting weightage
  • Packages – gunzip
  • Appropriate rights to do chmod, to mount the NFS (or NFS already mounted)

Machines identified for installing Load Balancers component (One or more)

  • 1 GB RAM available for load balancer process
  • IP Address, balancer port number
  • Packages – gunzip

Note: Load balancer is a light weight component and the machine identified could be same as App portal machine or report server node machine.

Machines identified on which Intellicus clients APIs or App portal will be installed

  • Repository database – must be a multi user database system (Mysql, PostGreSQL, OracleDB etc.)
  • IP Address, Server port, Report data user credentials