Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.0

Measure Properties

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The properties pop-up window shows and captures properties of selected item on the design area.

The following table lists the properties of measure in an Analytical Object.

Item Property Values Comments
Measure Name Type yourself You can see this name for this measure on the High Speed View and reports.
Function SUM,






Semi-additive functions include:

First Child

Last Child

First Non Empty Child

Last Non Empty Child

Average Over Time

Select from the list as per need.

Refer the section underneath this table to learn more about Distinct Count measure.




Semi-additive functions work for “Time” type dimensions only.

“FirstChild”, “LastChild”, “FirstNonEmptyChild” and “LastNonEmptyChild” functions return zero in case of “Regular” type dimensions selected on the report.

“AverageOverTime” returns sum value in the above case.

Refer the section underneath this table to learn more about Semi-Additive Measures.

Field Select from the Query Object Fields The list of Query Object Fields appears here.
Format Format String


This format will be applied on this measure on High Speed View and reports. To know more on Data Formats, please refer Data Formats under Common Help section
Unit Type yourself Used as a suffix for the measure value on High Speed View and reports.
Visible Check/Uncheck Check – You can see this measure on viewer

Uncheck – You cannot see this measure. You can only use it to express another calculated measure.

Default Check/Uncheck Specifies if this is the default measure for this cube. You should have at least one default measure to create an analytical object.
Adjustment Check/Uncheck This is a waterfall type chart related property. If you check this property, then this measure becomes a floating bar on a waterfall type of chart.






If the adjustment property is checked, then you will see this property.

If you set as negative adjustment – the floating bar will be Red in color and will be drawn downwards from previous measure’s top.


If you set as positive adjustment – the floating bar will be Green in color and will be drawn upwards from previous measure’s top.

Expression Check/Uncheck Check – This is a calculated measure.

Uncheck – This is a field sourced measure.

Solve Order 0-N You can set any number from 0 to N.

The lower Solve Order Calculated Measures will be evaluated prior to higher Solve Order Calculated Measures.