Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.0

Installing Intellicus (Mac)

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You can follow the below mentioned steps to install the product:

  1. Copy the setup of Intellicus (Intellicus<version<mac64.dmg) file on the target machine where Intellicus is to be installed.

    Note: If Intellicus is already installed on your machine, make sure you stop both the Report Server and Web Server.

  2. Unzip the (Intellicus_mac64.dmg) file to get Intellicus.mpkg.
  3. Execute this .mpkg file by either double-clicking on the file or by right clicking on the file and choosing the option Open. The installation process begins, and the Introduction screen appears.

    Figure 1: Intellicus Introduction screen
  4. Click Continue. The Software License Agreement screen appears.

    Figure 2:Intellicus License screen
  5. Read the license information and agree to it by selecting Agree check box.
  6. Click Continue to proceed to installation. The Standard Install screen appears.

    Figure 3: Intellicus Installation Type Screen
  7. Click Change Install Location to select a disk drive to store the installation configuration.
  8. Click Install to proceed with installation. The credentials screen appears.

    Figure 4: Intellicus Install Software screen
  9. Enter Administrator’s Name and Password.
  10. Click Install Software to complete the installation. The Installation Successful screen appears.

    Figure 5: Intellicus Install Summary screen

Now that you successfully installed Intellicus, you can proceed to starting Intellicus. Refer to the section below: