Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.0

System Parameters and Values

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  • Priority: low, medium, high.
  • Report Format: SYS_REPORT_FORMAT (to use the format of the report from where hyperlinked report is run), HTML, ACROBAT PDF, COMMA SEPARATED, TEXT, MS EXCEL, SMART, INTERACTIVE, MS WORD.
  • Report Connection Name: Select the database using which the report should be run.
  • Save File Name: File name to be used if the file is published as implicit operation.
  • Implicit Operation: In addition to view the file, if report needs to be published, select Publish.
  • Refresh Data: Select True to run report with latest data. Select False to run report with cached data.
  • Prefetch Drilldown: To start generating hyperlinked report even if user has not clicked hyperlink to run the report.
  • Pagination: Select the right option as per need to break pages by Single Page (increase page width and length to any size), Multiple Page (divide in width, divide in length as per need) and Horizontal Breaks(divide in length only, increase width to any size).  Available only for: MS Excel, Acrobat PDF and HTML.
  • Show HTMLtoolbar: When viewed in HTML, set Yes to have HTML Toolbar, set No for not having toolbar and set Multipage to have toolbar only if report is extended to more than one page.
  • Append To Parent (For PDF): Choose to append the child report output to parent report when the report with hyperlinked field(s) is run in pdf.
  • Parent/Current Map Level: These properties are used to map levels of GIS Maps in case of drill down maps.