Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.0

Installing Intellicus (Linux)

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You can follow the below mentioned steps to install the product:

Copy the setup of Intellicus on the target machine where Intellicus is to be installed. Example of installation location: /opt/

The Intellicus setup contains two files:

  1. Intellicus<version>_ux<architecture>.tar.gz

    Note: Do not change the name of above file as this name is used in the script file to install the application.

  2. Install Intellicus<version>_ux<architecture>.sh

    Note: Give the appropriate rights of execution to the script file (i.e chmod u+x InstallIntellicus<version>_ux<architecture>.sh).

  3. To install the application, run the script file as shown below:

    Figure 1: Intellicus Installation Screen
  4. Press Enter. The below screen appears.

    Figure 2: Installing Intellicus
  5. Select the Installation type as ‘Full’. To install selective components, you can choose the Custom option.
  6. Press Enter. The below screen appears.

    Figure 3:Intellicus Installation Complete

You can view the message ‘Installation Completed’ once the installation is complete.

Alternatively, you can also follow the below mentioned steps to install the product:

To decompress Intellicus<version>_ux<architecture>.tar.gz, use the below commands:

gunzip Intellicus<version>_ux<architecture>.tar.gz

This will create IntellicusLinux<version>.tar.  Untar the file IntellicusLinux<version>.tar using below command:

tar -xvf Intellicus<version>_ux<architecture>.tar

This creates a folder called Intellicus at the same location where Intellicus<version>_ux<architecture>.tar.gz is placed.  All files get copied into this folder.