Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.0


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The Range checkbox can be checked if Input Type of the parameter is Slider.  With Slider, if you select Range you must specify minimum, maximum and step values.

In addition, you need to specify the below for a range type parameter:

  • Range Parameter Name: Name of the Range type parameter.
  • Upper Default Value: The upper value of the Range parameter that should appear on the slider of Input Parameter Form by default. The Default Value field acts as the default lower value of the Range parameter. If left blank, the slider minimum and maximum values act as the Default Value and Upper Default Value respectively.
  • Allowed Range: This is the maximum difference that would be allowed between the lower and upper values of the Range parameter.

Slider Type Parameter with Range
Figure 8: Slider Type Parameter with Range

For the above example, the Slider type parameter with range would appear on the IPF as shown in Figure 18. You can thus specify parameter values by selecting a range of product prices.

Slider Type Parameter with Range on IPF
Figure 9: Slider Type Parameter with Range as shown on IPF