Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.0

Menu Actions

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The various menu actions that can be performed on the analytical object are described in the below table.

Item Action
New Closes currently opened analytical object and provides a new screen for designing an analytical object.
Open Opens a selector dialog to select and open the selected analytical object for editing. To open an analytical object, expand the folder and either double-click or click the analytical object name and click Open.

List View shows the list of analytical objects.

Detailed View shows the detailed view of analytical objects list. You can see details like the ‘Owner’ and the ‘Last Modified Date’ of analytical objects.

Refresh List refreshes the shown list of analytical objects fetched from the repository.

Save Saves any editing work done on the analytical object to the repository. This saves the definition of analytical object only. It doesn’t refresh the cube data.
Save As Saves currently edited analytical object with a new ID (auto-generated) and Name in repository. You can choose a different folder location to save.

Build will be required before end user can see and use this cube.

If you are saving an existing analytical object with a new name, check “Copy Access Rights” under Options to copy the same rights to this new analytical object. You can also add Description to the analytical object.

Settings You can specify the Build Schedule options as:

Once: Initiates the Cube Build activity in the background.

Cube build activity is a background activity. You can leave this screen after initiating the build, leaving the screen doesn’t cancel Build activity.

The Build Status tab shows up when Build starts.

You can initiate Build only once concurrently for a given cube.

If you Open an analytical object and its Build activity is going on, then you will see a disabled Build button.

You may need to wait till build is completed or you can Cancel the Build before you can reinitiate Build activity.

Recurring: You can schedule the build activity periodically within the start and end dates.

Build The options provided under Build include:

Full: To be able to schedule a full build on the saved cube either once or in recurring mode.

Incremental: To be able to schedule a build picking differential data after the last build was run.

Consolidation: Consolidates previous run full or incremental builds.

Cancel Cancels current editing action of New or Open and closes currently opened analytical object.
Delete After a confirmation prompt dialog, deletes currently opened analytical object from repository. This action is not reversible.