Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.0


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iPackager extracts references of the selected entities (repository objects /configuration settings) from the repository or file system and saves the configuration file on the Web Server under the path <Intellicus_Installation_Location>/Jakarta/webapps/Intellicus/client/config/ipackager/conf location. You can name the configuration file (‘name.conf’) and make changes to it. This configuration file is then used to build the cab file. This cab file is later deployed on the Intellicus server using the Deploy Repository Bundle feature.

To access the iPackager, you can launch it from the Intellicus Portal as shown below:

On the Intellicus portal,

Figure 1: Menu option to open iPackager from Intellicus portal

Click Navigate > Repository > iPackager. The Repository > iPackager screen appears.

Figure 2: iPackager home screen

You can find the below mentioned menus on top of the iPackager home screen. Click the menu options to perform the following actions:

  • Save: To save changes to the configuration file.
  • Build Cab: To build the Cab file. For more information refer to the section, Building the Cab file.
  • Upload: To upload configuration file onto Web server.
  • Download: To download configuration file from Web Server to the browser’s default download folder.
  • Help: To view the help content.

Click icon to view the below additional options:

  • Add: To load a new configuration file.
  • Open: To open an existing configuration file.
  • Save As: To save the configuration file with a specified name.
  • Delete: To delete an existing configuration file

Add, Open, Save As, and Delete options are inside the ellipses for better user experience.

The remaining part of the screen is divided in three panes: Entity Type, Select Entities, and Selection Summary.

  • Entity Type: This is the list of all repository objects available on Intellicus Report Server. You can expand the entity type tree to find out the list type. For more information refer to the section, Adding objects to the Configuration file.

  • Select Entities: This is the list of entities selected for creating the configuration file. Double click on the Entity Type to list the entities. For more information refer to the section, Adding objects to the Configuration file.