Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.0


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Groups tab
Figure 16: Groups tab

Show Groups

Select this checkbox (on tab header) to make this tab visible on Ad hoc Report Wizard/ Smart View.

Initial Number of Groups

Specify the Initial number of groups a user can specify on Ad hoc Report Wizard/ Smart View.

Show Option to Rank Groups

Grouped records can be ordered based on value of Ranking field. For example, groups are required to be in descending order of “Total Sales” for the group. If “Total Sales” of “East Region” is 1000 units and “Total Sales” of “West Region” is 1900 units, then, “West Region” group detail will appear before “East Region” group details.

Check this checkbox to provide Ranking Groups related options on ad hoc report wizard.

Show When

Select this checkbox if you want your user to get option to place Show When option (to specify certain criteria to meet in order to show this field) on Ad hoc Report Wizard/ Smart View.

GroupBy Options

Intellicus can group the data by date, number and character.  Select the options you want your users to use.