Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.0

Overview of Intellicus Studio

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Variants of Intellicus Studio

Intellicus Studio can be deployed in two different environments:

  1. Intellicus Web Studio – This can be accessed through a browser from Intellicus Portal.
  2. Intellicus Desktop Studio – This can be installed on any windows machine.

Both Web and Desktop versions have similar user interface. You are going to learn about Intellicus Desktop Studio in the coming sections.

Intellicus Desktop Studio

Intellicus Desktop Studio is a report designing tool of Intellicus Enterprise BI suite. Intellicus Desktop studio helps in designing reports with pixel perfect formatting, which are generally business critical operational reports. Intellicus Desktop Studio allows you to create sophisticated layouts containing charts, images, sub-reports, crosstabs, etc. Intellicus Desktop studio can be installed with a flexible installer in a single machine, however, multiple studios can be installed on different computer devices and can point to a single report server to cater the required data for report designing.

Intellicus Desktop Studio is installed in security enabled mode. Users can login using their user name and password provided by the system administrators. In security enabled mode, the tasks performed depends on the access privileges given. The data comes from different tables and data sources. Intellicus Desktop Studio can access only the reports for which access is provided.

Canned reports and Pixel Perfect reports can be designed using Intellicus Desktop Studio. Canned reports are preformatted reports distributed across a wide audience or to specifically defined user groups. These types of reports are traditionally scheduled for delivery at specific times of the day or accessible anytime through a web portal. Pixel Perfect reports are reports which can be formatted down to the individual pixel level. Pixel perfect reports are mainly designed to be printed or formatted for complex reporting requirements such as fitting an existing tax or regulatory document.

Few examples of reports designed using Intellicus Desktop Studio are business proposals, banks statements, company balance sheets, analysis reports, invoices, YTD statements, purchase orders, and marks cards etc.

Purpose of using Intellicus Desktop Studio

The purpose of installing Intellicus Desktop studio is:

  • Pixel perfect reports that comply with statutory requirements can be designed.
  • Reports can be digitally signed.
  • Single report can be used by multiple users.
  • Pre-designed templates are available to design adhoc reports.

Report Layouts

Studio reports can be designed using layout such as Simple, Tabular, and Form.

Exporting Reports

Studio reports once designed can be exported to different file formats like Acrobat PDF, Microsoft Excel, CSV, Text and Microsoft Word. You can email the reports to multiple users. You can publish a report which will be stored on the report server. You can email the reports to multiple users. You can publish a report which will be stored on the report server.