Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.0

Performing Predictive Analytics

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Turn on the edit mode to view option for Predictive Analytics. You can perform predictive analytics in Smart View Reports. The Predictive Analytics button will be displayed only if you have a valid Python connection with Intellicus.

Predictive analytics and What-if analysis options
Figure 8: Tabs for Predictive Analytics and What-If Analysis

Predictive Analytics box will give you the options as shown in the image below:

Performing predictive analytics
Figure 9: Performing predictive analytics


This will show the fields present in your report and you can choose on which fields you want predictions. Clicking any field will give you the ability to write Data Science script for that field.

Data Science Connection

Here you need to choose the Data Science Engine you want to use for generating predictions. In this case, PyServer.

Prediction Script

Here you can write the script for the field(s) you choose.

Prediction Data Source

Here you can select if you want the Data Science Engine to analyze the variations in independent variables itself by selecting Auto or you can provide the data by selecting Data Source.

Independent variables help to bring out predictions on dependent variables.

For example, if you want to predict Sales (dependent variable) your company would achieve in the coming years, you will have to provide marketing expenditure (independent variable), investment in infrastructure (independent variable), number of probable hires (independent variable) etc.

You can select Auto to let the Data Science Engine learn the trend by processing your historic data and predict the values of independent variables. If you have pre-decided values, you can provide it using the Data Source option.


In Auto, you need to give the prediction data point in numeric value, for instance if you keep the value as 7, the predictions will be made for 7 units as per the intervals in your chart.

Auto in prediction data source
Figure 10: Select Auto in What-if variable source

Data Source

Here you need to specify the query object that has the prediction data (Independent variable values), to get predictions for the fields you want and provide script for the same.

Options if you select data source
Figure 11: Options if you select Data Source

Upon adding the script, you can Verify if the script is error free. Click OK if the verification process succeeds.