Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.0


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For SQL used in a Query Object, users can specify Sort options.

To access Sort function:

Navigate > Studio Report > SQL Report Wizard

Select SQL Source > Select Query Object > Select Query > Click Filters and Sorts > Select Sort tab

  • Prompt: Select this check box to get sort dialog box at report-run time. User will be able to provide sorting options on the dialog box.
  • Count: Select the number of sort levels to be made available to user. For example, if you want to provide three sort choices at run time (e.g. by Country, State and county), select 3.
  • Disable Forced Sorting: If due to any reason, result-set received from data-source is not sorted as per need (like grouping), Intellicus server will sort the data. Select this check box to stop Intellicus from doing so.

Important: : Data sorting performed by Intellicus becomes significantly time-intensive process when a record-set has large volume of records. In that case, we recommend not to Prompt and select Disable Forced Sorting. This will make sure Intellicus uses data as it is received from data-source.

Under ‘Select Sort Fields’, the fields listed in Available Fields are the fields that will come from database. The fields listed in Selected Fields will be available for sorting at run time.

  • To move a field from Available Fields list to Selected Fields list, select a field from Available Fields list and click >.
  • Click >> to move all the fields to Selected Fields
  • To move a field from Selected Fields list to Available Fields list, select a field from Selected Fields list and click <.
  • Click << to remove all the fields from Selected Fields list

Qualifier: When SQL is typed in Edit tab, fields may not be prefixed with table name and so, Available Fields list also don’t have table names prefixed. Select a field and specify table name to associate it with a table. This is especially useful when you get the same field name from two tables and wish to differentiate one from another.

Based on the number selected in Count check box, that many dropdown boxes will appear on an input form at the run time. You can select fields that should appear by default along with default order (ascending or descending).

In Default Fields, select the field, and the sort order. Click  button to delete that row.