Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.0

Memory Management

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Request Queue Size

Report server places all requests in queue before executing them.  This property is to set maximum number of requests that can be queued.   After the queue is filled, server ignores all client requests, until number of requests in queue is reduced to a number less than the property value.

Specify an integer value that is greater than zero.

New value set for this property will come into effect after server re-start.

Default: 1000

Example: QUEUE_SIZE=1000

Data Source Fetch Size (rows per fetch)

This is the number of records to be fetched from the data source at a time (in one read).  Specify a positive integer.

Default: 50


Note: Value set in this property will not remain effective for MySQL database.


Sort Area Size Per Exec (rows)

This property is to set the number of records that can reside in memory for all sort threads of a report.  Property can be given a value more than 0.

Default: 600


Note: Sort Area Size Per Exec property will work in coordination with Sort Threads Per Exec property explained later on the page.


Scheduler Job Dispatch Queue Size

This property is to set the maximum number of jobs that can be spawned at a time.  A valid value is zero or any positive integer.

New value set for this property will come into effect after server re-start.

Default: 50


Chunks in Memory

Number of report pages chunks that can reside in memory. Report server will stream each chunk to the viewer as soon as it is rendered. Specify a value that is more than 2.

Default: 4


Output Buffer Size (nKB or nMB)

The maximum size of MEMORY to be used to store report output chunks. Specify in terms of MB or KB.

Default: 2.5 MB


Clone User System Params

This property is defined to enable/disable the cloning of User & System Parameters across the detail sections. The cloning is required only if this installation is upgraded from version 3. Configure Disable for newer installations for memory efficiency.

Default: Enable


Repeat Report Exec Request

This property defines what to do if the server receives request of a report that is being presently served.  If the property is set to Allow All then it will allow all the report execution requests.  If it is Deny New, then server will not accept the newly received request.  If it is Prompt Cancel portal will prompt the user to cancel new request or request that is presently being served.

Default: prompt_cancel

Example: REPEAT_REPORT_EXEC_REQUEST=prompt_cancel

IRL Cache Size

This is the maximum memory that can be used for IRL (report layout) cache.  This can be specified in terms of number of IRLs, or memory size (KB, MB).

Default: 10

Example: IRL_CACHE_SIZE=10

Sort Threads Per Exec

This is the number of threads to be created (per report request) at runtime to perform sorting of records. This property is hot deployed.

Default: 4


Utility Thread Pool Initial Size

Utility threads are used to carryout internal processes by Intellicus Report Server.  This property defines initial size of utility threads.

Default: 5


Note: If all the threads are busy, new threads will be automatically created.


Utility Thread Pool Purge Time (seconds)

This property defines the waiting time for an extended thread (created on demand post-initialization) from the pool after which it will be purged.  Specify value in seconds.

Default: 50


Field Lookup Max Values

Count of Maximum Lookup values fetched from database for a Query Object column is configurable.  This will reduce the loading time of a query object in Ad hoc wizard/Run and of lookup Values.

Default Value=2000