Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.0

Using SQL Parser

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The SQL parser has the following tabs:

SQL Parser
Figure 7: SQL Parser

  • Design – to design SQL statement
  • Stored Procedure – to use for data coming from stored procedures
  • Edit – to edit the SQL statement
  • Result – to display the result based on the SQL statement
  • Filters – to set filters in order to provide filter values at report run time
  • Sort – to specify levels of sort at run time
  • OK – to continue with the changes made
  • Cancel – to cancel the changes made

The formatted SQL statement is provided at the bottom of the SQL Designer dialog box. The values in this formatted SQL statements are populated as per the selections performed in the pane(s) given above it. This facilitates quicker generation of SQL statements and allows editing the same as per requirement.