Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.0

Recent Reports

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The reports that you have recently run are listed on Recent Report List tab. To get recent report list, click Navigate > Reports > [My Reports] Recent Reports tab.

Figure 36: Recent Reports on Report Listing page

It contains list of reports that you recently executed. In addition to the report name, the each row has Category where the report is deployed and the time when the report was executed (time stamp).

Figure 37: Run and Re-Run

You can run or re-run a report from here. Hover the mouse over the report name. Click Run when you want to execute a report with preferences other than those set during report deployment (for example, report output format).

When you need to re-run a report having multiple parameters, click Re-Run (available if configured). This will open Input Parameter Form with values provided during previous run. You may continue using the same values or change if desired.