Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.0

Deploying Intellicus Portal on Weblogic

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The chapter provides instructions to deploy Intellicus in WebLogic on Linux platform:

  • Install the Intellicus Web-based Reporting Suite.
  • Start the Intellicus Report Server.
  • Create Domain for Intellicus application in WebLogic.
  • Deploy the Intellicus in WebLogic as a Web Application.
  • Start the Intellicus web application in WebLogic

Target Audience

This document is technical in nature and is written for users who have knowledge of the following:

  • Linux administration.
  • Web Logic Server Application Server administration.

Important: Intellicus web application can be deployed inside WEBLOGIC Server, whereas Intellicus Report Server always needs to be run separately.

Steps to deploy Intellicus application in WebLogic

The steps are as follows:

  1. Download and place Intellicuswebapplication.tar.gz in WebLogic at <home folder>/bea/user_projects/domains/mydomain.
  2. Decompress the file intellicuswebapplication.tar.gz.
  3. Create Intellicus domain in WebLogic. Click here for Steps.
  4. Deploy Intellicus application in the WebLogic domain.

Download Intellicus web application for WebLogic

Intellicus provides separate download of Intellicuswebapplication.tar.gz (name shall be followed by version). Contact Intellicus support to receive a link for that download.  Unzip the gz after downloading it.

gunzip intellicuswebapplication.tar.gz

This will create intellicuswebapplication.tar.

To Create WebLogic Domain for Intellicus

Steps to create domain in WebLogic on Linux, Solaris and Windows platforms are:

Create Domain in Web Logic 8.1 on Linux & Solaris

Steps to create a domain for Intellicus in WebLogic while working through Console are given below.  Click on directory bea/weblogic81/common/bin and run  The file runs in Console Mode.

Step 1: Create or Extend a Configuration

Create or Extend Configuration
Figure 1: Create or Extend a Configuration

Selects option Create a new WebLogic configuration.  Specify point 1 and press Enter key.

Step 2: Select a Domain Template

Domain Template
Figure 2: Select a Domain Template

Select option Basic WebLogic Server Domain.  Specify point 2 and press Enter key.

Step 3: Choose Configuration Option

Configuration Option
Figure 3: Choose Configuration Option

Select Yes to run the wizard in express mode.  Specify point1 and press Enter key.

Step 4: Configure Administrative User name and User password

Administrative Username and Password
Figure 4: Administrative Username and Password

The steps are listed below:

  1. Specify 1 and press enter key to select User name
  2. Specify the User name and press Enter
  3. Specify 2 and press Enter key to select user password
  4. Specify the user password and press Enter
  5. Specify 3 and press Enter to select confirm user password
  6. Enter the same password that use entered earlier and press Enter
  7. Go to the next step after specifying n and press Enter
Step 5: Domain Mode Configuration

Domain Mode Configuration
Figure 5: Domain Mode Configuration

Specify 2 and press Enter key to select Production Mode.

Step 6: Java SDK Selection

Java SDK Selection
Figure 6: Java SDK Selection

Select 2 and press Enter key to select Sun SDK 1.4.2_05 @/root/bea/jdk1420_05

Step 7: Select the target domain directory for this configuration

Target Domain Directory
Figure 7: Target Domain Directory

Specify the path and press Enter key to mention the path where that extracted Intellicus web application will be placed.

Step 8: Edit Domain Information

Domain Information
Figure 8: Domain Information

Specify name of the domain.  The steps are listed below:

  1. Specify 1 and press Enter key to choose to specify name.
  2. Press Enter key after specifying name.
  3. Specify 1 and press Enter key to modify name (accept the change in the name),
  4. Go to the next step after specifying n and press Enter

Domain is created.

Domain created
Figure 9: Domain is created

Step 9: Extract Intellicus web application files into WebLogic Domain

Extract the contents from the file intellicuswebapplication.tar to the /root/bea/user_projects/domain/intellicus folder.

tar -xvf intellicuswebapplication.tar

This will extract the Intellicus web application files.

Click here to go to step to Start Intellicus Application in WebLogic.

To Create WebLogic Domain on Windows
Step 1: Create a new Configuration

Create or Extend a Configuration
Figure 10: Create or Extend a Configuration

Step 2: Select a Configuration Template

Configuration Template
Figure 11: Select a Configuration Template

Step 3: Choose Express Configuration

Choose Express Configuration
Figure 12: Choose Express of Custom Configuration

Step 4: Configure Admin Username and Password

Configure Admin Username and Password
Figure 13: Configure Administrative Username and Password

Step 5: Configure Server Start Mode and Java SDK

Server Start Mode and Java SDK
Figure 14: Configure Server Start Mode and Java SDK

Step 6: Configuration Summary

WebLogic Configuration
Figure 15: Create WebLogic Configuration

Step 7: Final step

Creating Configuration
Figure 16: Creating Configuration – The final step

To deploy Intellicus as Web Application

This activity is done on the web interface of WebLogic Admin Console.  To get WebLogic Admin Console, specify the following URL in the browser window:

http://<IP of the weblogic server>:<port>/console/

Step 1. Web Application Modules Screen

From the tree structure appearing on the left, click Deployments > Web Application Modules.  Following screen appears:

Web Application Modules
Figure 17: Start from this page.

Step 2. Deploy a Web Application module Screen

applications option
Figure 18: Select applications option.

Step 3. Select the archive

Figure 19: Select Intellicus application

Step 4. Select target for application module

select server
Figure 20: Selecting the server

Step 5. Complete application creation

Application creation
Figure 21: Application creation complete
Figure 22: Click Deploy

Intellicus Web-based Reporting suite is deployed and is ready for use.

Run the located at

<home folder>/bea/user_projects/domains/mydomain.


To start the Intellicus Web-based Reporting Suite

Launch the browser and in specify the following URL in its address bar:

http://<IP of the Webserver>:<Port>/Intellicus

Replace <IP of the Webserver> with the actual IP.  Replace <Port> with the actual Port.  For example,

If user has changed the Webserver port, specify the following URL:

http://<IP of the webserver:port number>/intellicus.

For example, if the changed port number is 7000, the URL would be:

Logging into Intellicus web-based Reporting Suite

Intellicus needs following information to log user on:

Login Name: Admin

Password: Admin

Organization Name: Intellica

Click Login after providing the above mentioned information.

To Stop the ReportServer

Run the file located at path <home folder>/intellicus/reportengine/bin to stop the ReportServer.


To Stop the Web Server

Run the located at <home folder>/bea/user_projects/domains/mydomain to stop the Webserver.


To change the Listener Port

Default port set in the config.xml is 7001.  To change the port for Intellicus application, follow the steps:

  1. Go to the folder where the domain was created.
  2. Open file config.xml and change port number within ListenerPort
  3. Change the value and save the file.