Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.0

Parameters Tab

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These are the values that are specified at run time. Parameters appear if a report needs user parameters. Then, select parameters. If a report does not need user parameters, this area will remain blank.

Parameters tab
Figure 14: Input Parameter Form when Report is Run in SMART Format

Parameters tab

On this tab you specify values for parameters. A parameter may need only one value, while others may need multiple values.

  • Mandatory Parameters: It is a must to provide values for such type of parameters in order to get the report output. Name of a mandatory parameter is suffixed by an asterisk.
  • Optional Parameters: It is optional to provide values for such type of parameters. The report will run successfully even if you do not provide values for these parameters.
  • Tree View of Parameter values: Tree view (hierarchical view) of parameter values simplifies the process of selecting one or more parameter values.

When ‘Prompt Before Each Run’ is checked, the Input Parameter Form (IPF) shows up before each report run to enable you change the default parameter value(s).

The IPF shows up in case of mandatory parameters even if this field is unchecked.

If ‘Save Values For Next Run’ is checked, report runs with parameter values saved in last run (upon saving the report). In case this is unchecked, report runs using the default parameters.

When ‘Show Parameters On Report is checked, it enables to view the list of parameters on top of the report.

In case multiple parameters as well as filters are applied, the parameters are separated from each other and from the filters using a pipe symbol.

Specifying value for a parameter

Specify value in the entry box. If it is a drop down box, use up and down arrows or type first few characters to make the values visible and click the value to select it.

You can multi-select values of a parameter.

  • View All: This shows all the selected parameter values. You can remove any parameter also from here.
  • Remove All: This removes all the selected parameter values.