Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.0

Working with Crystal Reports

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To import a crystal report layout in Intellicus Desktop studio,

  1. On the Desktop Studio screen, click File > Import > Crystal Report. The Open screen appears.
  2. Select a crystal report file to import. The Save As screen appears.
  3. Specify information required to save the report. The crystal report is imported and the Report Conversion History screen appears.
  4. On Conversion History screen, click OK to proceed. Click Save to save the conversion history in a file.

    Figure 1: Conversion history screen
  5. The report is imported in Intellicus Desktop Studio and is ready to be modified.

    Figure 2: Report in Crystal

    Figure 3: Report imported in Intellicus

The imported report is like any other report designed in Intellicus Desktop Studio. You will observe that many of the report components on crystal report layout are imported in the IRL along with their property values.

The below data will not be imported from a crystal report template to Intellicus report:

  • Connection Information
  • OLAP Grid Object
  • Blob Field Object
  • Cross-tab Object
  • Conditions
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Grid & Rules Settings
  • Picture
  • OLE
  • Notification

Formula fields with formula script are imported as is and needs to be re-written in JavaScript syntax.

For controls that are imported,

  • Properties that are available in crystal report but not in Intellicus report are not imported.
  • Properties that are available in Intellicus report but not in crystal report are imported with default value.

Scripts are imported as is (in the form of comments) and can be viewed and edited using the Script Editor in Intellicus. Scripts are imported in respective sections on OnFormat event.

Imported script will have following structure:

<control name> <property name> <script code>

Page Settings

Supported page sizes are:  A4, B5, Letter and Legal. If the paper size specified in crystal report is other than any of these four, Default paper size will be set in the imported report.

Following page settings are imported from a crystal report layout to IRL:

Property Name (Crystal) Property Name (Studio)
Paper Size Paper Size
Orientation Orientation
Top Margin Top Margin
Left Margin Left Margin
Bottom Margin Bottom Margin
Right Margin Right Margin

Following properties existing in crystal reports are not imported in Intellicus report:

  • PaperSource
  • PrinterDuplex

Note: If the default printer is selected, then the default page setting specified in the default printer is considered and not the one specified in the report. Presently supported paper sizes are: PaperA4, PaperB5, PageLetter and PaperLegal.  Any other paper size will be considered as default paper size.

Now, you will learn the various components (sections, label, line etc.) of the reports and the properties imported or not imported while importing crystal reports.