Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.0

Overview of Sub-Reports

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When data comes from different data sources, sub-reports are designed. The sub-reports are embedded inside the parent/main studio report, that is, sub reports allow to nest or insert one report inside the other. Multiple sub-reports can be added inside the main report.

You can design a new sub-report or use a pre-designed sub-report. A pre-designed sub-report is referenced from the repository and is embedded in the parent report.

Intellicus allows to pass the parameters (parameter values) from the main report to the sub-report. Hence, the field values of the main report are available as parameters in sub-reports. For example, start and end date.

Sub-reports do not have header and footer sections as they are embedded in the main report which will have the header and footer sections. Even if the header and footer sections are inserted in the sub-report, they will not be rendered.