Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.0

Running Adhoc Reports

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On Intellicus screen, click Explorer and select Report under object type. The list of reports appear.

Right click on any ad hoc report and select Run Report. The Run Ad hoc Report screen appears.

By default, the Data Source tab is selected.

Data Source

Figure 3: Run Ad hoc Report page

Under Data Source tab, do the following:

  • Report Format: Select the output format in which report is required. For example, HTML, Raw Text, PDF and so ob.
  • View Options: Select View Options specific to the chosen Report Format type.
  • Template: Select a template to be applied on the report being designed.

Click Run Now to run the selected reports.

Click Preview to preview the sample reports.


Select Filter tab.

Under Filter tab, do the following:

  • Max Rows: The maximum number of records to be fetched from the database. Specify a number, and this number appears by default on the Input Parameter Form at run time. You can change the maxium number of reccords, if required.
  • Suppress Duplicates: Select this check box to fetch a single record if the record has multiple records with duplicate values.
  • Open: Select an open brace to group a set of conditions for applying appropriate AND/OR combination.
  • Field: Select name of the field for which you want to apply filter from the drop-down.
  • Criteria: Select the operator to be used in the filter from the drop-down.
  • Use Field: Select this check box to indicate the values to be populated with field values for comparison.
  • Value: Enter the value of the filter criteria. Based on the configuration of this field in the meta layer, the value list appears.
  • Close: Select the close brace to group a set of conditions for applying appropriate AND/OR combination.
  • Relation: Select the operator from the drop-down.