Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.0


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There are three sections in a report:

  • Report Header/ Footer
  • Page Header/ Footer
  • Group Header/ Footer
Creating Sections

A section is a defined area of a report, which contains report elements. Each section has a specific repeating nature.  A printed report generally has heading sections that may be displayed only on the first page, or on every page, or as a heading for each group. These display options may also be used for footer sections.

Figure 11: Creating Sections

You can create a section by one of the following methods:

  • Right-click on the section name and choose a section under the Insert option
  • Select Insert > Section > <Select Section>

Note: Group can be formed on a calculated field also.  For example, if a calculated field CLASS gives you value “First”, “second” or “third”, you can group the records by CLASS, where all the records having value of CLASS as “First” will appear together.

On performing any of the options the selected section will be added to the field layout pane.

To create a blank group (section)
  1. Click the header of the Detail section.
  2. Create a section using any of the methods specified above.

A blank group header and footer appear.

To create sections based on field (to group)
  1. Select the field from detail section by which the group (section) is to be created.
  2. Use any of the above methods to create a group.

A group (section) is created and group summary fields are placed for each of the numeric field in the detail section.

To create multiple sections (groups)
  1. Select the fields by which you want to create groups.
  2. Use any of the above methods to create groups.

Groups will be created in the order of selection of the fields.

For each group, Intellicus will automatically place summary fields of all the numeric fields in the detail section.  These fields will be placed under respective field in detail section and will move horizontally if respective field in detail section is moved.

Note: You can change the summary function applied on a group summary field, from properties list.

Deleting Sections

You can delete a section by one of the following methods:

  1. Right-click on the section name and choose Delete Section or,
  2. Click the section header and from Edit menu, click Delete Section option.
Arranging Section Groups

You can reorder the groups added as sections in the report layout pane. To do this:

  • Right-click on a section and select Re-Order Groups menu item. On doing this a Group order dialog box will appear.
  • You can rearrange the sections by click and drag method. Press the OK button to confirm the rearrangement.

The dialog box given on the next page shows the drag-and-drop method for rearranging sections.

Figure 12: Reordering Groups

For more information, refer to Desktop Studio – Section and Controls Properties document.