Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.0

Connecting by Uploading New Database Driver

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Upload a new database driver

If the provider you are looking for is not listed in the Provider drop-down but you have its library files, click Add Driver button on top-right corner to add respective driver files (if not added already). You need to then select ‘Others’ option in Provider. In this case you will also have to specify Driver Class Name.

Add driver dialog box
Figure 7: Add Driver dialog box

To add a driver you need to:

  1. Click Add Driver button to open Add Driver dialog box.
  2. In Driver File entry box, specify the driver file name along with the path or simply browse the driver file.
  3. Click Upload
  4. The file will be updated and success message will appear.  Failure message will appear in case driver could not be uploaded.
  5. Click Close button to close the dialog box.

Note: You need to restart Report Engine for the added driver(s).

Connect using Oracle client installed on Windows

Intellicus recommends Oracle JDBC THIN connections for smooth and compatible access to Oracle Databases of various versions – 8, 9, 10, 11g or 12c.

Intellicus also supports OCI_TNS (Oracle Call Interface Net Service Names) for those who want to use their Oracle client installations to connect to Oracle databases.

If Oracle client is not installed on report server machine, then Intellicus chooses to use ojdbc14.jar, for THIN connections.

If the report server machine has Oracle client installed, then Intellicus chooses to use, assuming that client is compatible with the server version being connected to.

Intellicus allows Administrator to decide which driver Intellicus should use by following the below mentioned steps.

Steps to make changes in Report Engine loader batch file are as below:

  1. Open the file from path<install dir>/ReportEngine/bin/run.bat
  1. Add the highlighted line to the file:@echo offset JRE_HOME=….jreset ORACLE_DRIVER=..libojdbc14.jarset PATH=”.”;%JRE_HOME%bin;%JRE_HOME%lib;%JRE_HOME%binserver;%PATH%SET INTELLICA_CLASSPATH=FOR %%i in (“..lib*.jar”) DO CALL includelib %%i notIncludeIEngineFOR %%i in (“..lib*.ZIP”) DO CALL includelib %%i notIncludeIEngineiEngine –oracledriver%ORACLE_DRIVER%%INTELLICA_CLASSPATH% “../config/” -Xms20M -Xmx128MIn the batch file, a variable is being set to the name & path of the oracle driver we wish Intellicus to use.set ORACLE_DRIVER=..libojdbc14.jar
  1. Change the iEngine calling line to pass the variable.iEngine -oracledriver%ORACLE_DRIVER%%INTELLICA_CLASSPATH% “../config/” -Xms20M -Xmx128MThe above example forces Intellicus to use ojdbc14.jar driver for Oracle connections.

Note: Intellicus can use only one type of Oracle driver, so cannot make connections to various server versions, if it needs different drivers.

Warning: If due to Oracle client version or due to administrator decision, is used for connections then there might be some problems in activities like publishing or emailing a report having large number of parameters.

Warning: When ojdbc14.jar is forcefully used on machines with Oracle 8 or 9 client installs, then, OCI_TNS type of connections cannot be created.