Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.0


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Sometimes you may have to run single/ multiple reports at a time with huge amounts of data as well as send them to different recipients simultaneously. Manually running and delivering these reports may become cumbersome when there is huge volume of data to process and custom reports to be sent to various recipients. Intellicus helps to automate running reports at a scheduled time as well as delivering these reports to multiple recipients in desired formats on a desired delivery location. This can be achieved by creating batch schedules.

Batch schedules are non-interactive programs that run reports in the background. Scheduling of reports is very helpful for better utilization of server resources and time management.  Reports that take longer to run can be scheduled to save your time.  Report that needs processing of large volume of data and need server and printer resources for long time can be scheduled to be generated over the non-peak business hours when load on servers would be relatively low.

By scheduling a report, it can be sent to multiple deliverable at a time.

Scheduler component of Intellicus provides you the power to plan report generation in advance:

  • Date and time when a report should be generated
  • Output format(s) and delivery option(s)
  • How the report generation should take place

Note: It is possible to have history of reports generated through schedule.

Schedules can be created by:

  • Administrator
  • User having Batch Report Scheduler system privileges
  • All users (They can create private schedules)