Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.0

Performing What-if Analysis

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With Intellicus you can perform What-if analysis to view predictions of different fields based on various business scenarios. For instance, if you want to know how much power will be consumed at a certain temperature, you can adjust the temperature value accordingly to get the prediction. This will help you to take planned future actions and make operational decisions based on the predictions you derive.

To do What-if analysis, select Filters option and select What-if tab.

What-if analysis tab
Figure 12: What-if analysis tab

You can use the slider to define the percentage values of different independent variables or manually set them. The values can be positive or negative, which implies the quantity you are increasing or decreasing from the current value.

For example, if your current temperature value is showing 35, setting a positive value by 50 percent will mean that the pressure will increase by 50 percent on 35 and similarly decrease by the percentage you set for a negative value. When you check Show Parameters on Reports option, the values that you set here appears in your report. The same values will reflect if you choose to download the report in PDF format.

Alternately, you can set an absolute value for these parameters. You can choose to toggle between slider (percent values) and absolute value for numerical independent variables.

You can perform What if analysis on independent variables that belong to a category and see their effects on the dependent variable.

You need to write the Prediction Script accordingly to encode the categorical features to numeric quantities.

The values of categorical variables are populated in the What–if pane in form of grouped radio control or drop down based on quantum of distinct values for that variable.

Click Apply once you have set the desired values and you will be able to view the predictions based on the values you have set.

An example of predictions achieved with the above use-case is shown below:

Sample report
Figure 13: Predictive Report with What-if Analysis

Note: You can see the values of independent variables on the chart tool-tip upon hovering over the bars/graphs.