Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.0

Widget Linking

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Multiple widgets can be placed on a dashboard.  You can link items in one widget to other widgets. When you click an item in a widget, the linked widget’s data will get refreshed. Widgets should contain a grid, chart or map to link them. To link widgets based on same query object, you need to select the Link option from the Widget menu. Select the item in one widget to link it to the other widget. Let us understand widget linking with the below example.

Example: Widget one is a map report that shows Average Adult Obesity for various US states.   Widget two is a grid report with complete obesity data.  Widget three is a chart report showing obese smokers in the US. The widget three is linked with widget one and widget two.  When you click on state name in widget three, all the data under the selected state are displayed in widget two and the same state is pointed in widget one. For reference, we have chosen to depict Washington data.

Widget Linking
Figure 6: Widget Linking