Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.0

Searching Parameters

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If a user (at run-time) enters parameter value in a text box, he/she may provide a value that does not exist in database.  Providing a Dropdown or Option (so that user can make selection instead of entering a value) may be a good idea when there are limited values as options.  When multiple or large number of values are selected, multiple selection might be difficult and time consuming.

Search enables a user to get values dynamically based on conditions that user sets at run time. Values selected from these options will be used as filter during report generation.

Search is available when parameter Input Type is set as Dropdown or Option and Dropdown Source is selected as Dynamic.

We can apply the Search Parameters in two ways as discussed below.

Quick Search

This enables you to quickly search the value upon typing first few characters (works for CHAR Data Type). Below are the steps to create quick search parameters:

  1. Check Search tab for the selected parameter.
  2. Chose the Quick Search option and specify a default value that would appear when the report is run.
  3. Specify a numeric value for Min. Key Length. The search would start as soon as the user inputs characters of this length.
Advanced Search

Advanced search parameters help to filter records in case of large data sets. The following steps enable to create advanced search parameters:

  1. Under Search tab, select Advanced Search option to enable it.
  2. Select a column in Column Name from the drop-down list populated as a result of the dynamic data source query. Its Data Type will be displayed automatically.  You may select a different one if needed.
  3. Specify Prompt that should appear on filter tab of IPF at run time. This is a mandatory field.
  4. Select Operator to set filter condition. The values displayed on operator would change according to the Data Type.
  5. Specify the value under Value1 (and Value2 depending on condition) that would get records based on the specified values/condition.

Note: After setting filters on Search, you will get list of values filtered based on conditions set here.

To add a condition
Click add button button available on top right of the area.
To remove a condition
Click remove button button available on the right of respective row.

Let us look at how to set an advanced search parameter to enable a user to dynamically get values based on conditions.

Advanced Search Parameters
Figure 22: Advanced Search Parameters
At runtime
When user runs the report having this Search parameter, Input Parameter Form (IPF) will open as shown below.

Advanced Search Parameters on IPF
Figure 23: Advanced Search Parameters on IPF

It will have a search icon for this parameter.  User will click the icon to get Search Values dialog box.

Specify values on Search Values dialog box’s Search tab and click Go button.  Results tab will display values belonging to the records that satisfied the filter criteria provided on Search tab.

search values
Figure 24: Values received based on Search Criteria

User will select desired value(s) from Results tab and click Set, followed by clicking OK.  This dialog box will be closed.

Values are listed
Figure 25: Values are listed

Click Apply to see the selected value(s) listed on IPF. Click Run Report to run the report filtered by these values.