Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.0

Overview of Barcode

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Barcode contains data about the type of product, size, manufacturer and so on. It also contains a check digit, so that the computer can validate that the data has been read accurately or not.

In Intellicus Studio, a simple control called ‘Barcode’ helps to validate the data while designing the reports. Barcode control can have a numeric value or a string value as per the selected style.

barcode control
Figure 1: Barcode Control

You can insert a barcode by clicking Insert > Barcode or by selecting the barcode icon on Intellicus Studio home screen.

Barcode can be placed anywhere on the canvas, that is, at any of the sections such as report header and footer, page header and footer, group header and footer, or detail. For more information on sections, refer to Desktop Studio – Sections and Controls Properties and Desktop Studio – Beginners Guide documents.