Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.0

Adding objects to the Configuration file

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Information can be added in a configuration file as shown below:

Under Entity Type, expand Repository, Users and Configuration upon clicking the adjacent arrow keys.

Click the sub-items like Reports, Query Objects, Parameter Objects, Analytical Objects, Dashboards, Dashboard Widgets, etc. to view the list of objects in the Select Entities pane.

You can also select the existing Schedules for Query Objects, Parameter Value Groups for Parameter Objects, Build Options for Analytical Objects etc. by clicking their respective check-boxes. These would be fetched from the Report Server while building the cab file.

Figure 10: Adding objects to configuration file

Under Select entities, you can then either select the parent (say Category) to select all objects under it or individually select the objects you wish to add to the configuration file. The Selection Summary pane enables you to view the number of all the selected objects.

Click Select All Data From Report Server to select all the objects from Intellicus repository.

Select Include Dependent Objects check box to select all the dependent objects for the selected entry type and entity if you are not sure to specifically select them. All the dependent objects will be considered for building the cab file. For example, if you have selected the entry type as Dashboard and unsure of the dashboard related objects, if you select the Include Dependent Objects check box so that the cab file is built using all the objects associated to the selected dashboard.

For each of the selected items, you can select all or specific sub-items:

  • Reports
  • Query Objects
  • Parameter Objects
  • Analytical Objects
  • Dashboards
  • Dashboard Widgets
  • Approval Processes
  • Report Schedules
  • User Roles and Access Rights
  • Connections
  • Printer settings
  • Web Client Properties
  • Report Server Properties
  • License File
  • Templates