Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.0


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You can perform the below operations on a view by clicking the menu ellipses icon icon located at top right corner of the selected view:

  • Maximize/Restore: To maximize a selected view to spread across the entire analysis area. You can also restore it back to original size. Alternately, you can double-click the view header to maximize or restore the size.
  • Swap Axes: To swap the dimensions/measures on column with those on row. In other words, X-axis becomes Y-axis and vice-versa.
  • Set Selection as Filter: To set the selected data in a view as filtering criteria under Filters.
  • Drill Up Level: Drill up is used for aggregating or summarizing data through hierarchies of a dimension. To drill up through hierarchies of a dimension.
  • Drill Down Level: Drill down to view the lowest level of data. To drill down through hierarchies of a dimension.
  • Clear Selection: To clear the selected data on the analysis area.
  • Create Duplicate: To make a copy of the selected view on the analysis area.
  • Remove: To remove the selected view from the analysis area.

There are various operations that can be performed on the entire High Speed View available under the main menu ellipses icon in the upper right corner of the screen as discussed below:

  • Save As: To save a new layout with a unique name. You can also save an existing layout with a new name.
  • Export: You can export your report in MS EXCEL, ACROBAT PDF, MS WORD and MS POWERPOINT (license-governed) formats. Reports are exported in their respective native formats so that you can perform various operations supported in the above-mentioned tools.The crosstab is exported as a Pivot table in Excel and as a table in Word and PDF. The chart is exported as a chart in Excel, Word and as an image in PDF

            Note: You cannot export maps in the current version of Intellicus.

Below table lists the various Export Options in High Speed View:

Pagination Single Sheet/ Single Page


MultiSheet/ Multiple Page


Horizontal Breaks

Single Sheet = Merge all pages into single page

MultiSheet = Break report into pages according to size mentioned in template

Horizontal Breaks = Break report only on the length part and keeps the width to actual size required at run time.

(This breaking is required for reports with large number of fields or matrix fields when you don’t want pages to split vertically)

Remove Blank Rows, Columns Check/Uncheck Check = Compact the Excel Report by removing blank rows and columns

Uncheck = Shows the Excel Report including blank rows and columns

Repeat Page Header and Footer Check/Uncheck Check = Repeat column headers on each page


Uncheck = Merge all detail data under a single instance of column headers

Download Zipped File Check/Uncheck Applicable to downloadable formats (ACROBAT PDF, MS EXCEL, MS WORD, MS POWERPOINT)

Check = Zip the file and download

Uncheck = Downloads the unzipped file

  • Change Cube Object: To go to the screen that lets you select a cube. This would prompt the user to either save or discard the changes done on the layout.
  • Remove All Views: To remove all the views on the layout.