Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.0

Adding Python Script while Creating Query Object

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Intellicus provides Data Science Engine step while transformation of data or business users can perform Predictive Analytics while viewing reports. In this section we will be mainly discussing on how you add Python script with the help of Data Science Engine step while creating Query object and what are its benefits.

You must have connection(s) to the database(s) to extract data for transformation and Data Science step.

To start transforming data, login to Intellicus – Navigate – Design – Query Object

Query object is the step where you extract your data from different databases and transform it to load and/or to use in reporting. You can learn more about working with a Query Object, refer “Working with Query Objects” section.

Adding Data Science Engine step at Query Object level helps you when predictions on your data are adding new variables and columns in tables. For example, in a market basket analysis, the clusters that would form may require new columns & variables in the table. This can be achieved while data preparation and hence such algorithms need to be defined at Query Object level.

You can also perform Data Cleansing and other Data Science Engine related transformation tasks by creating script at Query Object level.