Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.0

Defining the Data Source

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In the Data Source tab, you can define the source database from which data is used to create cross-tab report.

Cross-Tab Data Source
Figure 5: Cross-Tab Data Source

  • Source QO: This allows you to select the source query object.
    • Select Query: This drop-down lists all the query objects available in the repository. Select a query object to use.
  • Specify SQL: This allows you to select the connection, write SQL query, and select available fields.
    • Connection: This list contains the database connection names defined earlier. Select the connection name to be used for creating the cross-tab report. Crosstab can be created using OLAP type of connection also.
    • SQL Query: Enter the SQL query that would retrieve the required fields from the database.
    • Available fields: This displays fields that were retrieved from the database as a result of the SQL entered in the SQL Query field.
  • SQL Designer: Click SQL Designer to open the designer to design an SQL query by dragging and dropping as well as by writing a query.

Note: If the SQL Designer is opened from the Cross-Tab Properties screen, the Sort and Filter tabs are disabled.

  • Verify SQL: Click Verify SQL to check the SQL for errors. This button can also be used as a refresh button for the fields that are defined for retrieval using the SQL provided above. For example, once you have selected the fields from Available Fields to add in the cross-tab, and have switched over to some other tab, when you return back to this tab the unselected fields will not be displayed.
  • Field Properties: Click to view and edit the field properties.Field Properties
    Figure 6: Field Properties
  • Selection Window: This window contains layout for the cross-tab. To define the data in this cross-tab, simply select Column Header or Row Header or Summary Filed from Cross tab view present in selection window and check columns from the Available Fields.Selection Window
    Figure 7: Selection Window