Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.0

Opening a Dashboard Widget

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Click Open button on the dashboard widget menu to open the existing dashboard widgets.

Open Dashboard Widget
Figure 12: Open Dashboard Widget dialog

Navigate to the desired folder and select the dashboard widget you want to open.

Opening a dashboard widget from Explorer

You can also open a dashboard widget from the Explorer. Click Explorer > select category and select Dashboard Widget under Object Type to get a list of all dashboard widgets under the selected category. Double clicking the dashboard widget name would open the dashboard widget.

Opening Dashboard from Explorer
Figure 13: Opening Dashboard from Explorer

There are more actions that can be performed on right clicking the dashboard widget from Explorer.

If you right-click only one dashboard widget, you can do the following operations:

  • Edit Dashboard Widget: Opens up the selected dashboard widget to view and edit
  • Create Dashboard Widget: Opens a new dashboard widget to design. You can also click the Add New button on the main menu to add a new widget designer screen
  • Copy/ Cut Dashboard Widget: To copy or cut the selected dashboard widget and paste in a new or existing folder
  • Add to Favorites: Adds the selected dashboard to favorites
  • Delete: Deletes the selected dashboard

Dashboards’ Operations
Figure 14: Dashboards’ Operations from Explorer

You can perform copy, cut and delete operations when you right-click multiple dashboard widgets at a time.